There are several ways you can volunteer with AZCR, such as making flyers and posters, helping to groom the dogs, paperwork, transporting,etc. Please complete this form as thoroughly as possible so that we can find a volunteer opportunity that matches your creative talent and passion to help us and the dogs we rescue!

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    Arizona Chihuahua Rescue Volunteer Agreement/Waiver Form
    I agree to perform volunteer work for Arizona Chihuahua Rescue beginning . I agree to acknowledge that my service is provided strictly on a volunteer basis. I agree to receive no pay, benefits, or compensation of any kind from Arizona Chihuahua Rescue or any of its members/volunteers.
    I agree to the following procedures (but am not limited to):
    -Provide kind treatment for the animal(s) at all times
    -If I am serving as transport; I will transport the animal only after I've received approval from an authorized Arizona Chihuahua Rescue representative.
    -Notify Angela Reeves(Arizona Chihuahua Rescue representative) as to any behavioral or health problems of the animal(s) that I may observe. Arizona Chihuahua Rescue reserves the right to determine the proper cause of action to take upon such notification.

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