At Arizona Chihuahua Rescue (AZCR) we are grateful for all of our friends, individuals and businesses, in the area that partner with us.  There are dozens of people and organizations helping us through donations and sponsorships.

In the coming years, we hope to partner even more than ever before.  We can’t continue to provide high quality care for our foster dogs without community support, and we know there are lots of awesome friends in the community that we want to support too!  Throughout the year, we will use our webpage and Facebook page to highlight all of our friends, who are making a difference for our rescue dogs.   Our Facebook page has over 3,500 followers and it is growing which will give our business supporters plenty of exposure!

Event Sponsorship

We recently held our Puppy Patio Party at OHSO in North Scottsdale on the 22nd of September.   It was a wonderful fundraising opportunity, where we received tremendous exposure for AZCR.   We also participate in the Annual Taco Festival held in October at Salt River Field.   We plan to hold other events throughout the year in both Phoenix and Tucson.   We would love to have event sponsorship to cover the cost of printing and raffle prizes.

Sponsorship Levels-

$500 or more =  Headline Sponsor: Includes large business logo on our event notice on our Facebook and Web pages, as well as, our event flyer.  Your business will be promoted on our Facebook event page, website, and newsletter.  Your business will also be promoted as a Headline sponsor at the event.

$100 or more = Community Sponsor: Includes small business logo on our event notice on our Facebook and Web pages, as well as, our event flyer.  Your business will be promoted on our Facebook event page, and newsletter.  You will also be promoted as a Community sponsor at the event.

Less than $100 or in-kind contribution = Caregiver Sponsor: Includes your business will be promoted on our Facebook event page.  You will be promoted as a Caregiver sponsor at the event.

Donating to our Emergency Care Fund

We often take in animals with special medical needs.  It can be challenging to secure the funds for these special cases.  If you like, you can designate your giving for animals in these situations.  When that animal receives care, we will let the community know what you’ve done and send you updates.  Suggested contribution- $100

2019 Adoption Calendar Sponsorship

Our 2018 Calendar was so successful, that we’re doing it again this year! AZCR is teaming up with XXXXXXXXXXX  to produce, print, and sell a special rescue pet-themed calendar for 2019. We are seeking business partners to sponsor each month of the calendar to promote both AZCR and the many services our community has to offer.

Month Sponsorship  – $100

Benefits – Business logo, short slogan and contact information printed on the back cover page.  You will receive a calendar to display at your business.

AZCR will also be getting the community involved in this project.  Adopters and other animal lovers will be given the opportunity to submit photos and stories of their AZCR rescue dogs.  We plan on selling these calendars our Facebook and Web Pages.  Your partnership will be important to raising funds and continuing to provide high-quality care for our rescue dogs!

Please confirm your sponsorship by XXXX to be included in the final printing of the calendars.

Sponsor our Newsletter

Each quarter, we send out a newsletter via email to hundreds of animal lovers in the AZCR community.  The newsletter is also featured on our Facebook and Web Pages.  We would love to recognize your business as a sponsor for our newsletter which allows us to keep more money going directly to animal care needs.

Advertise on our website by sponsoring a dog

Lots of people search our website for adoptable dogs.   According to Google Analytics, our adoptable dogs page gets over XXXX views per month.   For a minimum of $50 per month you can advertise on our adoptable dogs page by sponsoring one of our adoptable dogs.  Find out more.