AZCR does not take in found dogs. We always assume a found dog is missed by someone, no matter how the dog appears when found, this is not always an indicator of their home life, just their street life. We always presume a family is looking for them and advise looking for the owners.

Foster based rescues are not set up for owners to come locate their dog, We do not advise surrendering the dog to a rescue. The dog should be surrendered to your local county shelter or depending on your shelter’s policies you may be able to file a report, without turning the dog in.

Maricopa County’s lost and found phone number is 602-372-4598.

They also have an interactive map where you can post the found dog’s picture in the area that they were found,  you can also look to see if the dog is posted as lost in that area. Your county shelter is where owners go looking for their missing pets, using them as a resource ensures the owners have an opportunity to locate their lost dog. For more information: https://www.maricopa.gov/162/Lost-Found-Pet


If you have lost your dog and would like us to help network, please email us a flyer or picture of your missing dog with your phone number and basic information as to where and when your dog went missing.

Please check your county shelter every few days,



hang flyers,

knock on doors,

put your dirty laundry with their dog bed, food and water out front.

Lost Dogs Arizona is an excellent resource, with great advice to help you find your dog, please read this page for additional resources and advice  https://petfbi.org/i-lost-a-pet/lost-dog-action-plan/

Whether you have LOST OR FOUND a dog, ALWAYS HANG FLYERS!

please also post on the following sites:




Straydar on Facebook

Lost Dogs Arizona on Facebook, additionally we also advise filing a report on their site   https://www.lostdogsarizona.org/

Lost or Found, we hope your pup finds their way back home!