Chihuahuas come into rescue for many reasons. Most come from shelters. Some come directly as owner-surrenders for various reasons: death, injury, or illness of the dog’s owner, divorce, allergies, moving, medical and behavioral issues.

We realize that relinquishing your dog can be a painful decision. If we can help you find a way to keep your Chihuahua (by offering guidance on behavioral issues, training problems, etc.), we are more than happy to help. We believe this to be the best solution if you are willing and able to work with your dog.

If we are able to take your dog into rescue, your dog will be spayed/neutered, micro-chipped and brought up to date on vaccinations as needed. If you are in a position to do so it would help us if you would alter and vaccinate your dog prior to our taking it into rescue. Sometimes the dogs are in rescue for weeks or even months before being placed. During that time, they live in foster homes where they are given care, kindness and medical treatment when needed.

We do our best to provide socialization, needed medical treatment and house training for the dogs in our care. All of these expenditures far exceed our adoption fee. Your donations are much appreciated.

Please send us an email as to the reason you need to surrender your dog and include  important information about your dog, such as age, weight, gender, medical history including spay/neuter, vaccines, any known medical conditions, any behavior information including how they interact with people, children, dogs, cats, and other pets. This helps us evaluate which foster home may be a good fit. We also need a clear photo (or two) of the dog, and from a reasonably close distance.  Email to:

If we accept your dog into rescue you will also need to sign our relinquishment agreement. You must understand that you have relinquished all rights to the dog and may not re-claim your dog after being taken into rescue.

Before surrendering your dog, please consider contacting a trainer or behavior specialist who might find a solution that allows your dog to remain in your family.

If we are unable to take your dog, and if you absolutely cannot find a way to keep your dog you may want to contact the following organizations:

Arizona Humane Society (602) 997-7586 Arizona Humane Society

Maricopa County Animal Care & Control (602) 506-7387 Maricopa County Animal Control

Arizona Animal Welfare League & SPCA is now accepting owner surrenders and they are a NO KILL shelter (602) 273-6852

You might also try Petfinder – pull up the rescue organizations and shelters in Arizona. Contact one or more of them to see if they are able to accept your dog into their facility.

Can’t keep your pet because your family has become homeless?
You might try Family Promise of Greater Phoenix – they may be able to offer emergency shelter which includes your pet.

Family Promise of Greater Phoenix

Information: (480) 659-5227
Screening: (480) 890-3039

Another option may be Lost Our Home 602-445-7387

Can’t keep your pet (temporarily) due to the following:
You are entering a domestic violence shelter. Please check with

You are military personnel being deployed for active duty.  Try Dogs on Deployment

You are being hospitalized or are in an emergency situation. Try Companion Pets in Crisis

You may want to try Arizona Humane Society’s Alternative Placement program. They may be able to assist you.

Arizona Humane Society’s Alternative Placement Program
(602) 997-7586


If you are unable to keep your pet due to Behavior or medical expenses

Please reach out to the AAWL they offer quite a bit of resources including



For a more extensive list of resources, please visit our partner affiliates page