Vinnie is a 10 year old, quirky, little curmudgeonly fellow right out of central casting. He is the Walter Matthau of his foster mom’s chihuahua pack. On one hand (or should I say paw), he loves to snuggle and cuddle up with his person and on the other, he is voicing his discontent over being disturbed from his nap by the younger and more playful chihuahuas. Even though he may sometimes appear cantankerous, he gets along very well with other small dogs his size. Needless to say, he does best with the more seasoned chi’s as opposed to the rowdy, young whipper snappers. If Vinnie were able to talk, he would be the old fellow, who plays with his hearing aid and yells, “What? I can’t hear you,” only to inform you there’s no need to shout. Vin also has a fabulous toothless grin, which will melt your heart and doesn’t inhibit him from knocking down treats in the very least. He loves his treats almost as much as he loves his person or his naps. He is housebroken, but needs to be let out throughout the day. He does not care to go through a doggie door. He is able to walk for short distances on a leash and does very well in a crate. Vinnie is up-to-date on all of the standard vaccinations. He is microchipped, has been neutered and has had a recent dental.

Please email Terry for information about Vinnie.