Terri came to the rescue in 2014, she was so scared and afraid of us people that she would poop herself if you tried to approach or hold her.  Once she came to live with us, we called her our “behind the couch dog” because she hid most of the time.

She has been in our home for a few years now, and she is still not able to be held. She enjoys hanging and playing with the other dogs. The vet said she likely had no people interaction when it was important time in her life to be with people. She still prefers you step away from the door when you open it so she can pass safely, if you start walking toward her she is alert and will take off the other way. She understands dogs and when the dogs come near us, she ventures a try, she does not like to be approached but if she is sitting nearby you can reach over and pet her, with one hand! This is a huge progress for her, she has even shown herself when visitors are over. She will probably never allow us to handle her or take her out on a walk, but she loves her time on the couch, I think she loves us in her own way and the dogs are definitely her friends and make her feel safe.

Terri is not available for adoption at this time.