My name is Taco. I’m about 2 years old and weigh 6 pounds. I came to the shelter as a stray and I was frozen with fear.  The shelter staff tried to help me but I was so scared, even in the quiet part of the shelter, I was very bitty and no one could handle me without using a towel.  I nipped the person who found me because they cornered me. I was scared and I just wanted to be left alone. Even when I first came to foster mom’s house, I didn’t want to be picked up, cuddled, or given kisses.  I didn’t even want her treats.  Even though I tried to bite her when she got too close, but she was patient with me.  I saw that the other dogs like to sit by her on the couch and go outside with her, and have learned that people aren’t scary.  Now I love to cuddle with foster mom and I especially like to sit and watch TV and read with her. I even occasionally give her a kiss!

No one knows what my former life was like. I like my foster brothers and sisters both big and small, but I do like to boss them.  I take treats very politely, I’m leash and kennel trained and house broken.  I don’t use the dog door yet, but I do pace by the door to be let out and bark when I want back inside.  

Foster mom told me she will be picky when finding my home because I deserve to be spoiled forever.  She wants to find me the exact right forever home for me.