Please welcome Summer.   Long story short, she went to a foster home in yuma due to an open wound on her belly ( which we know now is squamous cell carcinoma) and I had planned to take her, but surprisingly she gave birth to this adorable guy, her yuma foster was wonderful enough to keep them until weened, even though she had never had a mama and pup before!  Summer had surgery to remove the mass which was confirmed squamous cell carcinoma and although initially the vet did not think he got the whole mass, it sounds like he did. The vulvar biopsies came back basal cell carcinoma, and the random skin lesion came back actinic keratosis. There were no cancer cells in the sample, but they can turn into skin cancer. There is evidence of the lymph and vascular system being effected. We are going to start a steroid treatment in a few days and depending on how her lesions react we will make a long term plan. He says if in 6 months there are no new cancer lesions, he will feel better about her prognosis. Just doing basic research, I believe this is likely due to sun exposure. We know she is a reservation dog. She likely has spent her whole life outside and being that she has a thinner white coat she has no natural protection from the sun.