This is Sparky.  He was very afraid but progresses each week.
We have to get him to the vet for updates and neuter as soon as he can go without trauma. He is still very scared. We can’t pet him freely, but he will come and ask for a chest rub and he will rub his bum under our feet if we’re sitting with legs crossed. ? I get face kisses and lots of wags if I get down on the floor with him, but not allowed to pick him up or touch at will just yet. He is jumpy, but wants so badly to join in.
He is learning to play with our other dogs and “running with the pack” to the back yard. Sparky didn’t know what a toy was, now he is trying to play with them!
Sparky is only about 1&1/2 years old, so there is so much hope for a fun and happy future. He is a beautiful boy with white socks and tail tip. So handsome. Sparky will need owners that understand that it will take time for him to feel safe. Once we get him vetted, and feel he is ready to meet new people we will make him available for adoption.  For more information on Sparky, please email his foster.