Hi! I’m slinky. A lanky chiweenie mix with super soft fur. I’m only 4-5 years old and 7lbs. I’m working hard to learn to be brave out in the world.  So please be patient with me as I learn to how to enjoy the world outside my home. My foster mom says I’m a lovebug and just need a couple of days when I first meet people but I have no aggression. I’m just timid. But Ive learned how to walk on leash. I love other dog friends. I’m potty trained. A big cuddler and love to be petted once I know you. A soft couch is my favorite place. A calm home, since I am bashful initially, and a home without kids would best suit me.  I am very food motivated and it’s a quick way to earn my trust 😊 If you can give me a couple of days to decompress in your home, I will know I’m safe and will show you how grateful I am to be yours.

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