Sherman – Medical Hold

Please Welcome Sherman (aka, Sherm, aka The Sherminator), named in memory of Sherman Gillette of the #Gilbert23. This dapper little senior has recently come to us from the Yuma Humane Society (HSOY). He came to HSOY as a stray, with severe dental disease, and it was painful for him to eat!! Sherm went to a temporary foster for vetting in July, he lost any remaining upper teeth, and was left with just a few on the bottom. But he feels SO much better now, and eats like a CHAMP! We’re just getting to know Sherman in his foster home, and have learned in just a few short days that he is very quiet, sweet, seems to be housebroken, and he LOVES fluffy beds, and most of all, SNUGGLING! In less than 24 hours, he was following his foster mom around, putting his paws on her legs, asking for pets and snuggles. He can get a little overwhelmed with the younger dogs play growling nearby, but he will just get up and find a comfy bed away from the action.

Sherm will be on medical hold a bit longer, as he does seem to be having a little trouble with his hind legs. He’s a little wobbly. We’re unsure if this is due to a reaction to anesthesia, or a touch of arthritis, so we’d like him to be assessed by our vet, to determine a course of treatment or prognosis.

The Sherminator is approximately 13-15 years old, neutered, microchipped, and up to date on his vaccinations. He’s about 7.5 pounds, with long “sexy” legs, and super soft fur.

If you would like more information about this sweet senior baby, please email his foster, Danielle.