Meet Sheba – This cute, extra special little one has a sad, but also interesting story. She came to the Tucson shelter when her owner passed away in November. The shelter was very scary for her, especially since her two other siblings got adopted, and she was far too scared and snappy to be placed up for adoption. She spent some time in shelter staffs’ offices, but still was so scared, nobody could touch her. In December, she was placed in the Decompression Program, where the volunteers began to work on helping her to learn to trust humans, walk on a leash, and accept trust. She made some progress, learned she loved to walk, and was slowly accepting (gloved) pets, but volunteers still had to leave a “drag leash” on her, as she was still too fearful to take the leash on and off. Decomp volunteers were curious about her history, and when her medical notes were looked up, they discovered she is one of nature’s little unique anomalies…as it turns out, when she was altered, the vets found a testicle, as well as her uterus. That’s right….she was/is a hermaphrodite dog! We think that just makes her EXTRA special. On Christmas Eve, her foster mommy, who is also a decompression volunteer, saved her from the scary shelter, and brought her home to continue the trust work started in the program. She has only been in her foster home a short time, and has already made amazing progress. The 1st night she was still scared and snappy, especially removing her “drag line”, but it was clear she WANTED to trust, as she would follow her foster mom around. Within the next couple of days, she was not only accepting touch, but SEEKING it from her foster mom, jumping on her lap, and rolling over for belly rubs. She is still a tad head shy, still scared of having a collar put on, but she makes more progress with each day. She will need a patient forever home, with someone who will just give her a little bit of time (really only a couple of days) to realize she is safe, and can trust them. Sheba is approximately 6 years old, she’s a little overweight, which we’re working on in her foster home. She has lived with other dogs, and does so currently in her foster home. She gets along with most dogs her size, as long as they aren’t pushy, and read her signals if she doesn’t want them “in her face”. She currently lives with (and basically ignores) a large cat. Due to Sheba’s trust issues, and potential to be scared with new situations, she should not go to a home with young children. But if you give her a couple of days, and let her come to you on her own terms, she will be your little shadow, and snuggle bug. For more info on “The Queen of Sheba”, email her foster, Dani!