Mary and Sarah Sanderson

Mary is the smaller and darker of the two girls. She weighs approximately 5lbs and is very sweet. She is likely around a 1.5 -2 yrs old. She is still nervous about being picked up but once she is held she relaxes for kisses and sweet nothings. She’s likes to play and often chatters with her sister Sarah. The two of them sound like chipmunks/mini Chewbaccas .

Sarah is the most cautious of the three. She doesn’t mind being held and loved on but doesn’t volunteer for a pick up. She is light in color and also approximately 1.5-2 yrs old. She weighs about 6/7 lbs. She is also very sweet and the ultimate sunbather.
All three are available for adoption together or separately. All three have done very well with potty training. I think that because they lived outside , they simply prefer to “go” outside.

Adopters should expect accidents due to new environments and life changes. I do not know if they have experience with doggy doors, I really doubt the younger ones have been exposed to them.
The two younger girls will need a home where the owner is patient and willing to let the girls come to them. I don’t know how they are with children or cats. They are very amenable and not aggressive so I can only speculate they will do fine with both.

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