1. Cute
    2. Sweet
    3. Young
    4. Gentle
    5. JoyfulPino is ALL those things and more!! The shelter thought Pino is under a year but his teeth make his foster mom think he’s more like 4/5 yrs old. In any case, he’s quite the charming and sweet little fellow. His favorite past time is being snuggled up under a blanket on his foster parents lap. Currently, Pino has a significant amount of hair loss which is likely due to his previous living conditions and lack of nutrition. His foster mom thinks he will be a lovely blue/grey color with tan markings. His foster mom does believe he will have a full coat as he continues to eat healthy and grow stronger. He may be about 7 lbs when filled out, he is tall & lanky. He is social with both large and small dogs. He would be perfectly happy living with or without fur siblings. He will need an owner that provides consistent potty instruction when he gets his new home. He has done well in his training but it was clearly a change from his previous environment. Pino hopes for a home where he can spend his days and nights beside his human. He gives hugs to anyone that will hold him. Talk gently to this sweet boy, he’s earned your kindness & devotion!

    Pino has been neutered and his up to date on his vaccination

Please email Nicole  for information about Pino.