Penny is a “special needs” papillon/chihuahua mix.
She is approximately 2 yrs old ( probably younger) and about 10lbs.
Penny is high strung and feels anxious when new people and situations are introduced. When startled, she reacts poorly and may bite. She has a bite history with a previous adopter and in her foster home. An adopter will be required to sign a bite waiver because of her over reactive nature.
The majority of the time, Penny is sweet, cuddly, playful and a loving companion. She’s determined to be with her human as much as possible and express her love. She loves to play with toys, chase other dogs and catching flies is a thrill.
She sleeps in a crate at night without fuss. She is doing excellent with her house training.
The best home for her will be one that has another dog or two for her to interact with. A home without children is recommended. Her humans will need to understand her anxiety is likely going to last a very long while. I hope she will learn to relax in a permanent home where there is a steady routine.
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