We are the best pair Ollie(big lady) and Scrappy(little man).

We didn’t start off life together but we are bonded now. Ollie is a little older around 8 and scrappy is around 2-4 years old.

We love each other and we can’t be apart from one another. When foster mom came to get me from PACC I was so depressed as they took me from Ollie. As soon as I saw her I was the happiest dog again.

These two settle in quickly and they are so sweet. Scrappy can get a little protective over his humans and does not like being stepping on in bed (but who does) and Ollie sometimes forgets she is a big lady and wants to be a lap dog. Ollie is older and her bone hurt sometimes. So she doesn’t always like being touched or moved but if you give her time and treats she will love you forever.

These two need a home together. They love each other desperately and we can’t think of separating them.

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