Olive and Opie – Courtesy Post

This is a courtesy post – AZCR does not have these dogs so please reach out to the finder.


I contained two dogs – a female around 3 y/o and male around 2 y/o – best guess by vet, on May 16th, they’d been roaming the neighborhood for a week. Posted all over, including county, no chip, likely dumped. I think they are chihuahua/min pin/beagle mix.

The two dogs(Olive & Opie) are closely bonded. I think mom/son or possibly siblings. They need to be adopted together. They love each other. Neither were fixed, so we had them spayed/neutered and updated on rabies/da2pp on 5/28 because the last thing we need are more puppies!

If no foster is available, we are willing to foster but need help from a rescue to help find a responsible owner to adopt these two cuties.

They are standoffish with strangers but warm up with treats! It took < 24 hrs for them to love me. They give kisses, cuddle, love belly rubs. They don’t have many manners but I’ve been working with them. They can sit and are

being crate trained in addition to other training. They have some separation anxiety from each other and  me. Working on that too. They don’t have the run of my house, so not sure if they’re fully potty trained but will if whine in crate, I take them out. My dogs are putting up with it but isn’t a good fit for my home at this time.

I would be best if they can go to a loving home with no pets. They are happy & love people but not sure if Olive doesn’t like my dogs in her space or if she’s a little protective of Opie. That said, I let my dogs in the yard with the O-dogs on a leash to make sure they don’t get too close.

I bought them each a harness/leash that they can keep. Please help us give them the great home they deserve. I love them.

See attached photos. Thank you for your consideration.

Stephanie Hurd