Molly Sue

This beautiful girl is Molly Sue. She is 10 years old and 4lbs. She was a stray turned in to West MACC so we don’t have a lot of information about her. Molly is a special needs dog with a huge personality. The bones in her back legs are deformed and she has loose knees and hips. We took her to 3 specialists to see if there was something we could do to fix her hind legs but the deformity is too severe to correct. But don’t think this slow her down!  She can jump and walk and climb. She has a strong front end that gets her everywhere she wants to go.

Molly is very vocal and has a dog vocabulary beyond anything I’ve ever heard. She’s loving and affectionate and hasn’t found a person she doesn’t like. She gets along with other dogs and pets but isn’t afraid to hold her own if someone tries to give her a hard time. She loves kids too and doesn’t bite.

She may need to be on an anti inflammatory to help with the strain put on her back by her bowed legs. She needs to work on her house breaking skills. She is pretty good with potty pads and will go outside too but needs to be watched in the house.  I think she will benefit from short walks and swimming to keep her muscles strong. One meet and greet and you will fall in love with her!  For more information please contact Liesl