I’m Luna. I am 11 years old and weigh 8 lbs. I adore people, nearly everyone I meet is interesting. Men , women and older children that respect my size are the best!! I prefer people over other dogs but I get along fine with my foster siblings . I was really nervous when I first met the big dogs in my temp home but they don’t bother me and now I’m not afraid.

I like the outdoors if my foster mom is outdoors with me. Sunbathing is an excellent way to spend my morning! I had all my teeth removed recently bc they hurt. I can eat moistened kibble and love it when a little wet canned food is mixed in. ?. Yes, my tongue does hang out bc it’s always at the ready to give out kisses. I may be in the double digits at this point but I am a young lady at heart. I would like a home where I can be a constant companion to my human. I only want to be near my forever human and show him/her how loyal I am. Two things you should know before thinking about taking me home:
I love to explore, so if there’s an open door I’m going through it! I just can’t help myself . If there’s some one in your home that doesn’t remember to close the front door, I won’t be safe in your home. All these recent transitions in my later life have me a little confused about the best place to potty. I need a human that is going to be patient , consistent and encouraging on this issue. I prefer the outside but have made a few errors in judgement.

I love a soft snuggly blanket in my crate where I sleep at night. I eat my meals in my crate so I don’t have to share. I feel very safe in my crate but like having the door open in case the doorbell rings and I have to go check it out !
My foster mom says she’s really blessed to have me as her first foster dog bc I’m so easy! She calls me pretty girl and Lulu which I love !! I am unusual looking with my white body large black markings and greying face. I have liquid brown eyes that I will use to lure you in.

If you apply, I’ll ask my foster mom to consider you. She says I have to go to a forever home where I will be spoiled daily and made to feel like princess.

Please email Nicole  for information about Luna.