Did Olate Dogs lose their Star! Juliet is the most talented two leg walker I’ve seen outside of the Olate Dog Show. She’s smart, house broken, and friendly. Loves long walks, hikes, rides in the car, cuddling and is just about up for anything.

She was a Phoenix stray so we have very little information about her. They aged her at 14 years based on her physical condition and teeth when she was turned in. She had surgery for a hernia repair, spade and had a dental. She has all of her shots, had a good blood work and no heart issues. She has one shrunken eye from an old injury and sees fine with the other eye. I don’t think she is a day over 10 years. She can walk for miles and climb Picacho Peak. She is curious and will investigate every corner of your house and then settle down for cuddling. She’s a sweetie.

Please email Liesel  for information about Juliet.