Joey – Medical Hold

Please welcome Josephine (Joey, Jojo).. Our foster who will be on medical hold as we assess her condition.

This sweet girl was dropped in a parking lot.  The Angels nearby rescued her in February and cared for her as best they could.  They did take her to a vet and found multiple medical concerns. Heart, blood and kidney numbers were off, and infected teeth.  They gave her antibiotics, a good diet and TLC.
We took Joey girl almost a month ago.  We got her to a vet immediately, and the blood results showed her heart was back to normal for a 10-12 ish year old.  And her kidney function had also slightly improved.  Then back home after a week or so she wasn’t eating with her normal vigor, so back to the vet.  They were able to extract 3 very bad teeth on her left side ( without anesthesia, just a small amount of relaxing meds) and drain an abscess behind those teeth.  They sent us home with appetite enhancement meds in case she didn’t eat ..   NOT Necessary!  It was as if she was giving a big WOO HOO it doesn’t hurt to eat so I’m gonna chow down! She eats and eats and eats.  Skin and bones I was worried my reputation for “putting meat on the bones of my fosters” was going to fail!

She is doing great. She has an adorable walk/run with her head bobbing side to side as she goes.  She loves naps, and next to a warm human is her fav place.  She is a pleasure, and the easiest foster we’ve ever had.  If she continues to do well she could be a great companion for someone who wants a sweet snuggle girl.  We will do whatever we can to make her better, or her life easier.  We very much appreciate the financial support our friends and supporters give us, as we all know Vet bills are very expensive. We will keep you updated!