This is Miss Hallie. She came from a “horrendous situation” and has come a long way since we’ve gotten her. She is still a little skittish but warms up fairly quickly after she realizes the coast is clear. She spends most of her day cuddling on my lap but periodically plays with our resident dog Julian but would probably be happier with an older, less active brothers/sisters. She is good with all ages of children so far. She is potty trained but prefers puppy pads vs. going outside. But as long as she is taken out she is fine. It doesn’t appear that she was fed dog food as she is a very very picky eater and I have yet to find a brand that she will eat. So any adopter would probably have to continue to work with her on that or continue to spoil her by cooking her alternate dog friendly food as I have been doing. She is roughly 4 years old and weighs just under 8 pounds.  If you would like more information Hallie, please email her foster mom.