Calling all our sweet chihuahua lovers! This sweet girl is Esmeralda.  She is a friendly girl whom is all about the cuddles!  She is easy peasy as she is potty trained, lower energy, gets long with other dogs and walks on leash.  A typical chihuahua behavior, she loves to burrow under the blankets, so always check before you sit (haha). Previously found as a stray after being hit by a car, she has a wonky eye that looks a little funny but causes her no pain.  She doesn’t have many teeth so soft food is best for her.  Loving car rides, sunbathing outside, and to supervise your daily life.  She is a joy to have in the home, if you want a dog whom will be excited you came home, give you a couple of kisses, and binge watch netflix, shes your gal!