This beautiful long hair, bunny soft Chihuahua is Ellie.   She’s a Yuma stray, under 2 years old and weighs 6lbs.  This little girl has a lot of potential but has not been socialized.  She is extremely shy and will run if a door is left open.  After a few days to adjust to a new home she settles down and will let you hold her.  She enjoys going places but she shakes and is very nervous and she must be on a leash.  She’ll walk on leash and play at the dog park.  She gets along with other dogs and is good with older children.

She’s very smart and has caught on to going potty outside in just a few days.  She’ll need a small kennel; it’s a safe spot for her.  She is terrified of dog toys but loves to play with her kennel blanket or a towel.   An adopter who has experience with runners and shy dogs would be best and someone that has the time to bond with her and keep working on her socialization.   And a bonus…Ellie is polydactyl!  Six toes on each back foot!