Cricket is between 12 years old and old as the hills,because she only has 2 teeth left even the vet can not determine her exact age. She is a smaller girl at 5.5 lbs.
She has poor eyesight, and is going deaf, but her sense of smell is spot on, she can smell a treat at 100 yards.  She is positive all treats belong to her and only her.
She can be very affectionate and yet sassy and spicey at the same time.
She can eat dry food even with her tooth loss, but prefers soft food and will go on hunger strikes if she doesn’t get a bowl for breakfast.
She prefers the company of older dogs like herself over young whippersnappers, in fact she will chase whippersnappers away from HER dog bed….and when I say that I mean ALL DOG BEDS ARE HERS.
She is everything I love about the breed, smart, loyal, loving and a little bossy.
Cricket needs and deserves a home where she will be treated like the queen she is.

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