Hi, I’m Cookie. I didn’t have a name, but the first thing I ate at my foster mom’s house was her biscotti. I just had surgery on my dislocated hip, so it will still be a few weeks before I’m ready to be adopted. In the meantime, my foster mom gives me an A+ for being a lap dog. I do get along with my foster siblings (big and little dogs) but I also like my own space and if I want to be alone, I appropriately let them know. I like to go for walks and I walk nicely on a leash. I occasionally like to stop and have you tell me how pretty I am and give me a scratch before we move on. I have seen kitties on my walks and I don’t seem interested in them. However, I would really like to get the guinea pigs, so it would probably be best if I found a house with no small pets, or keep me separate from them. I’m also housebroken and know how to use a dog door. I look forward to having a meet and greet with you in a few weeks!

Please email Rebecca  for information about Cookie.