Chakka was born on 1/17/12, making him 9.  He is about 12.6 lbs.  Chakka is a mello dude but definitely needs time to adjust.  He has been getting along with my dogs but took a while to warm up to me.  I would have to leave the door open from outside and go away so he would come in.  Chakka likes to sit with me for a little while but then will jump down.  He enjoys food and treats.  He goes in his kennel fine with a treat.  Chakka let’s you know when the doorbell rings or if my alarm goes off in the morning to get up.  He does mark the first day or so but if you catch him, he stops and I haven’t seen him mark in my house since.

He will need someone who’s patient and let’s Chakka come to them.  I don’t know how he would be with kids under 12.  I am still getting to know him and he won’t be ready to be adopted for a few weeks as he still needs to be neutered.  If you would like to meet him, please fill out an application.

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