Meet Bo (he goes by BoBo)! He’s 10+ years old and 4.5lbs. He was a Phoenix stray that we rescued from West MACC. BoBo’s been in the rescue since September of 2023 receiving much needed medical care. He’s medical issues are finally under control and he is ready for adoption. He is a special needs Chihuahua and will need regular vet visits to maintain is healthy status.

BoBo is a quirky endlessly entertaining little boy that communicates mostly by growling. He also has a little muffled bark he can sometimes get out. He came to the rescue with a broken jaw and the bones are so tiny his jaw is not repairable. I believe this is why he growls to communicate but I don’t know for sure. He only has a couple of teeth so he can’t harm anyone but his growl can sound intimidating if you are first meeting him.

There are a few requirements his new home must be able to meet. He will need vet appointments for bloodwork every 3-6 months and is currently on two low cost medications. The frequency of his vet appointments could become less often with time but that is what is currently recommended. He is tremendously better than when he came into the rescue and the vet said at his last appointment we just need to maintain his bloodwork at this point. He is believed to have a blood autoimmune disorder and
he responds well to the medications.

He will best as an only dog. He will be very aggressive with other dogs over food and his sleeping spot. He can’t harm other dogs but if he upsets them enough and they strike back he cannot defend himself. He’s also not a dog that would sit on the couch with you and other dogs. He can’t seem to relax and prefers to have his own spot that he doesn’t have to share. In his foster home he lives with other dogs and needs to always be supervised for his own protection. With all that being said there could be
exceptions……he did become very closely bonded with one of our Hospice dogs which passed away a couple of months ago. The dog he bonded with was blind and deaf so maybe that took all the threat away but BoBo really cared for him and tried to take care of him in his last few weeks.

And the final requirement is he cannot be open fed and he cannot be overfed. He is endlessly hungry and letting him get overweight will not help his medical condition.

If you can handle all that and want to help out this special Chihuahua, BoBo will not disappoint. He is adorable and sweet (once he decides you are OK). He’s not a huge fan of kids but I think he could warm up over time. He likes most adults and doesn’t seem to favor women over men as some chi’s do. He loves car rides and exploring outside. Also, I would declare him pretty well housebroken (that is if it isn’t raining out or cold ). He currently has easy access to safe outside area and he walks to the door when
he needs to go potty. And lastly, he’s super smart!

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