BELLA (LEGS)- Adoption Pending

Miss Bella…affectionately known as Legs, is now accepting applications for her forever family. She has a couple of requirements she wanted to make sure I mentioned.
1. Must have at least 1 other confident dog to help her gain confidence in her new home and with her new person/people. (Small dogs only.)
2. No small children, as she is shy and fragile, and potentially could nip little fingers if scared.
3. Must be willing to give her space the 1st few weeks, and once she opens up, they must be willing to shower her with love, and pet her head for hours on end, but on her terms.
Legs has come a long way after being left at the Yuma Humane Society by her previous humans, for reasons unknown. She has gained a lot of confidence, but still startles easily. She will follow her foster mom around, and snuggle next to her on the bed or couch, but is still a little unsure about being picked up, and sometimes will let out the Chihuahua scream of death if you don’t do it just right.
4. Must be willing to dole out treats, and not get mad if her over zealous treat grabbing results in a tooth pinch on your fingers 😂🤣.
5. Must understand she currently is not, and may never be, a dog who likes to go for walks. She likely didn’t leave her previous home or yard much, as she is not the biggest fan of walking in a harness/on leash.
Legs is 9 years old, 6lbs, and will be ready to go to her forever home, about a week after her dental, which is scheduled for 3/15. So foster mom will be reviewing applications this week, and reaching out from there.