Bear is a special little dog! He is half chihuahua and has chihuahua traits, but he has very strong traits from the Tibetan Spaniel and Pekingese. All three of the breeds that make Bear up form tight bonds with their family or person. The Tibetan Spaniel often forms a worshipful bond. Bear is loyal to his person and is a great alert dog. He thinks he is a good guard dog too. Bear takes time to warm up to strangers and remains aloof. Bear prefers to meet a stranger on his level. He is aa very intelligent dog with a huge personality. Bear needs to have an owner who has confidence and patience. He can be a little stubborn but thrives to please, he is just unsure. Bear is playful and enjoys playing with other dogs that are his size. He prefers a playmate that is a girl. If he doesn’t have another dog to play with, he is perfectly content playing with his person and a toy. Bear’s ideal home will have only 1 or 2 other dogs his size and only 1-2 people living there. He would prefer a little quitter home in respects to the number of strangers who come and go.

2 year old neutered male
50% Chihuahua 25% Pekingese 25% Tibetan Spaniel
About 10 lbs
Chocolate with caramel and white markings