Audie is ready to start accepting applicants for his forever home! He was just neutered Thursday 3//7! Audie, is a bouncy, bonkers, playful, little 5.5 pound,  5 month old puppy. Some things I’ve learned that he will need (or not want) in his new life. 1. NO KITTIES!! (He is not a fan, much to his foster kitty brother’s dismay.) AND NO BIG DOGS…he has a tough guy complex with dogs over 15lbs, and he will get himself hurt or worse living with a large breed dog. (Or he will have to be separated at all times, which is not what i want for him long term.) 2. He is still learning about respecting his elders’ boundaries, and doesn’t understand when they tell him to “get off my lawn, you darn kid”. So he will need a younger sibling or siblings, closer to his age, or a very tolerant one who will shrug his goofiness off.
3. He is HIGH ENERGY!! He needs some space to zoom that energy off, with an area for high speed racing. And preferably a friend to race with, I do not feel he would do well without another small dog or two.
4. He is not currently one to walk on a leash, and is not easy to put a harness and leash on. It is all new, and scary to him…he’d much rather be carried places he needs to go.
5. He takes some time to let you pick him up, but when he does, he is a SNUGLY sweetheart.
He is very smart, and I’m sure with some guidance, and training, he will grow up to be a great little addition to the right family.
He will be having his adoption assistant (aka me, Foster mom) take applications from now through the 17th. He will then review them with her, and pick out his top 3 he wants to meet. He already has a lot of fans messaging, so I expect to have quite a few to go through. If you think his checklist meets you, and you’d like to apply, please complete an application!

    Please Note: We only adopt to Arizona Residents

    If yes, what kind?

    What happened to them?

    How many animals do you currently have?

    Please list your current animals below:

    Animal #1:
    Next vaccines due date:

    Animal #2
    Next vaccines due date:

    For additional animals please add the requested information below:

    Current Veterinarian:
    Veterinarian Phone Number:

    About your home and family:
    We Rent:

    If you rent does your landlord allow dogs?
    *We will need a copy of your lease agreement (that portion pertaining to the permission of the landlord for you to have a dog or dogs

    We Own:

    Does your residence have a dog door?

    If not will you be installing one?

    Is your yard fenced?

    If so, what type of fence?

    How tall is your fence?

    Does your home have a pool?

    If yes, is there a fence enclosing your pool?

    How many children live in your home?

    List their ages

    How many adults live in your home?

    Is anyone in your home allergic to dogs?

    How often do children visit your home?

    Will the new dog you wish to adopt be a gift?

    How many hours per day would your new dog be unattended while your family is at work or school?

    Where will your new dog be kept during the day while you are away?

    Where will your new dog be kept during the night?

    Our family's activity level is:

    When you are out of town do you plan to:

    If you would have to move would you:

    Are you familiar with crate training?

    Will your crate train?

    Would you be willing to take your dog to obedience training?

    How much are you willing to spend on medical expenses per year for your dog?

    Would you consider adopting a dog with special needs?

    How did you learn about us?

    If Website, which one?