Aria is a beautiful 3 year old Chihuahua mix, who came to us as an owner surrender. She weighs just over 9 lbs. and has a striking appearance. She has a smooth black and tan coat and looks like a mini German shepherd.

Over the summer, we received a call from Aria’s former owner asking us to accept her into the Rescue. She had never been spayed and was expecting pups. She arrived in the nick of time, delivering her 3 little puppies the very night that she arrived to stay with us. Now that her pups are all weaned and adopted, it is Aria’s turn to find her forever home.

Here is a little information about Aria’s personality and what we believe would be her ideal new home. Aria is a highly intelligent and very active dog. She enjoys being outdoors, playing and going for walks/runs. If she is not adequately exercised, she has been known to make a little mischief (but only a teeny tiny bit of mischief). Her favorite mischief making activities include getting on and into things that she should not get on or into and shredding the occasional magazine for fun. If you think placing her behind a barrier such as a baby gate will stop her, you will be quite surprised (as I have been on many occasions) to find her enthusiastically greeting you from the side of the gate that she is not supposed to be on. She easily climbs and jumps over baby gates and opens crates that are not secured with a lock. She does crate well once you have figured out how to outsmart her with a good locking mechanism. A carabiner clip does wonders in this case!

Aria is an absolute love when it comes to her person and people in general. She wants nothing more than to be near you and lives to curl up and cuddle with you. She is very gentle and eager to please. She is good with adults and children of all ages.

Aria also does well with most other dogs. I consider her to be dominant and would recommend an introduction to other dogs prior to adoption. I would not recommend her to a home with cats.

Aria is housebroken and trained to use a doggie door. She does bark, but not excessively. She is crate trained and walks well on a leash. Again, she is an incredibly intelligent dog and eager to please, so she would most likely be very responsive to someone willing to invest the time and effort in working with her on basic commands. We believe that she is highly trainable and would enjoy the stimulation of training or even agility. She is a wonderful dog!

Please feel free to submit your application now if you have an interest or contact  Terry for more information.