Ace – Special Needs Behavior

Please meet Ace! He is an ADORABLE little 11 month old, AKC Chihuahua. He’s approximately 6lbs, and has the most beautiful brindle markings on his paws and cheeks, and very soulful eyes.

Ace is a special little man. He is under socialized, and prefers other dogs to humans, and does very well in a larger pack (he takes his social cues from the other dogs in my home). He will take a long time to adjust to any new home, but will do SO much better if there is at LEAST ONE (if not more) other dog in the home that is confidant, friendly, close to his age (he’ll be 11 months 4/2/24), and most of all playful. His play style is ROUGH and ROWDY, and needs another playmate who can keep up with that.

He will also need a human or humans, who have worked with, or rescued other fearful, under socialized dogs in the past.

He is very comfortable in my home, and with my pack, and he is used to having a small space to be his safe spot. Right now he has a 36″ square Ex-pen, with his bed, blankets, and toys, inside a larger gated area with potty pads, BUT he does prefer to do his business outside, and will only use the potty pads if absolutely necessary. I’ve recently started letting him explore more into the other rooms, and he will come to me to be pet, and even lay close to me, but still is skittish about being picked up. If I have to pick him up, I usually have to get him into his “room”, or in a smaller room, like my bathroom, so he can’t run and hide. Once he’s in my arms, he’s fine, it’s just the getting there. He is very food motivated, and follows others lead, so getting him places I want him to go is easier if I have treats, or another dog leading the way.

This amount of trust he has given me did NOT happen overnight, or even in a week, or 2 or 3. I’ve had him since February 11th, so almost 6 weeks before his brief 1 week adoption. This home was not a good fit, but not for lack of trying on the adopter’s part, I think he just missed being a part of a larger pack, and having other R&R playmates to zoom, and wrestle with for hours on end.

I will be working with him some more on socialization, but am also willing to potentially introduce him to potential adopters and their packs, IF it seems like they might be the right fit.

If you’re still reading, and believe your home, and pack sound like it could be the right fit, please complete an application! There is nothing quite as rewarding as gaining the trust, and love of a fearful dog, cause once you do, they will be the MOST loving and loyal little companions you’ve ever had. And it’s beautiful watching them progress.

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