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Chihuahua Needs
Chihuahuas are very small. Try to keep them as far away from human feet as possible (they love to lick and play with feet, but feet can accidentally crush them). Never let your Chihuahua roam without a leash or unescorted outside of your house or fenced yard. And check those fences! Chihuahuas can easily get stuck under most wooden type fences. Make sure your dog is never outside in temperatures below 45 degrees Fahrenheit without being dressed in temperature protective clothing. Chihuahuas need exercise and love to play. Make sure you spend time with your animal. They love soft play toys and you'll be surprised how easily they learn to fetch their favorite toy and return it to you. Like too much food, too much exercise isn't good. You can't take a Chihuahua jogging with you! If you're planning more than just a short walk around a short block, leave your pet at home. Chihuahuas get exhausted fast. Tiny tea cups and toys should be transported in a Chihuahua Carry Bag with a harness (otherwise they might jump out of the bag and be harmed).

Chihuahuas are generally healthy dogs with few health issues. If they get a bit too much exercise, they might seem unable to stand. This usually means that they have a low blood sugar problem. Like all toy dog puppies, Chihuahuas do not store enough fat to cover extra-activity or over-playing. You can solve that problem with a quick trip to the vet or by dropper feeding your dog some sugar water, honey, Vitacal or Nutrical (or any good high calorie dietary supplement). We suggest you keep some Vitacal or Nutrical around at all times. It is essential that you treat this problem right away by giving your pup the supplement or sugar water. Otherwise they can go into shock. Remember that your puppy needs to take time for feeding
and rest. DO NOT OVER-PLAY WITH THEM. Inform any children in the house that over-playing with the pup can cause it to become very sick.

If your pup starts panting and seems unable to stand, a lack of calcium can be the culprit. You can solve that problem by dropper feeding your pup some crushed up calcium tablets (like TUMS) mixed with water if a vet is unavailable or you can keep some canine calcium supplements around for just such a situation. They should settle back down within 15-30 minutes. This is rare, but it does happen. Chi's that are nursing pups will often experience this two weeks after the pups are born, so be prepared and don't get upset. Consult your vet before trying any home remedies.

Chihuahuas will shake because they are happy, afraid, cold or anxious. This is normal and lets the dog express itself. This doesn't mean the animal is ill. Expect shaking to be a part of your Chihuahuas experience.

Because Toy Breeds have such a small fat reserve around their liver, they are prone to low blood sugar. Although this can occur at any time, it's especially important to watch your new puppy due to his small size.

Symptoms: Lethargy, lack of coordination (stumbling, falling, staggering).

Treatment: Although you should always consult your veterinarian for the proper treatment of your particular puppy, you can keep some sugar handy (e.g. Nutri-Cal, Nutri-Stat, Vitacal, Karo Syrup, honey, sugar water or any high calorie food supplement for dogs) to boost your little friend's blood sugar level when it starts dropping. You MUST treat this problem immediately or your pup can go into shock. To avoid this problem, do not over-play with extra tiny pups and always make sure your dog eats well and gets a good drink of water before taking them out.

Many pet owners have to leave their Chihuahuas during the day. One way to ease the tension your dog feels when you go out is to avoid making a scene. Many pet owners pick up, hug their dog and act out an emotional scene before going out. This is a signal to the animal that they are about to be left alone. The pet may respond in kind by barking, whining and acting out. To avoid this, do not say goodbye to your pet or act out when leaving. Just leave. By not creating a scene, you help your pet to avoid becoming upset or feeling abondoned. Another way to help smaller Chihuahuas deal with busy or absent owners is to keep them confined in a small room with a baby gate as a barrier when you go out. The room should contain food, water, a bed, toys and puppy pads or newspaper for them to relieve themselves on. Keep the bed, food and water a good distance from where they should relieve themselves as the dog(s) will come to consider this their "den" and most animals do not like to soil their den. They will soon come to learn that they can relieve themselves on one side of the room while still having the comfort on the other side. Keeping your little Chihuahua confined in this way while you are out or busy will protect them from household hazards like chewing electric cords or getting stuck behind appliances and so forth. It will also help you avoid the usual house soiling accidents that can happen when dogs are left alone for a period of time.

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