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We are an all volunteer rescue and we do not have any paid staff. We do not have a shelter as all of our dogs live in foster homes throughout the Valley, Flagstaff and Tucson. If you are interested in any of our fosters, please get in touch with their foster mom. We also have adoption events every weekend in the East and West Valley.

Please be patient with us and we will do our best to answer all e-mails within 48 hours. If you haven't received a response in 48 hours, please feel free to email the website and/or call our hotline number. Thank you.

We only adopt to Arizona residents.

All dogs currently residing in your home must be fixed and up-to-date on all vaccines. AZCR will determine the best home for each dog based on the application process and interview. The application and/or interview does not guarantee an approval. It also does not guarantee the adoption of a particular dog you may be interested in. AZCR may recommend a different dog more suitable to your household. AZCR is a privately run, non-profit organization and reserves the right to refuse any adoption that is not in the best interest of the dog based on our policies and standards.


Aria is a beautiful 3 year Chihuahua mix, who came to us as an owner surrender. She weighs just over 9 lbs. and has a striking appearance. She has a smooth black and tan coat and looks like a mini German shepherd.

Over the summer, we received a call from Aria’s former owner asking us to accept her into the Rescue. She had never been spayed and was expecting pups. She arrived in the nick of time, delivering her 3 little puppies the very night that she arrived to stay with us. Now that her pups are all weaned and adopted, it is Aria’s turn to find her forever home.

Here is a little information about Aria’s personality and what we believe would be her ideal new home. Aria is a highly intelligent and very active dog. She enjoys being outdoors, playing and going for walks/runs. If she is not adequately exercised, she has been known to make a little mischief (but only a teeny tiny bit of mischief). Her favorite mischief making activities include getting on and into things that she should not get on or into and shredding the occasional magazine for fun. If you think placing her behind a barrier such as a baby gate will stop her, you will be quite surprised (as I have been on many occasions) to find her enthusiastically greeting you from the side of the gate that she is not supposed to be on. She easily climbs and jumps over baby gates and opens crates that are not secured with a lock. She does crate well once you have figured out how to outsmart her with a good locking mechanism. A carabiner clip does wonders in this case!

Aria is an absolute love when it comes to her person and people in general. She wants nothing more than to be near you and lives to curl up and cuddle with you. She is very gentle and eager to please. She is good with adults and children of all ages.

Aria also does well with most other dogs. I consider her to be dominant and would recommend an introduction to other dogs prior to adoption. I would not recommend her to a home with cats.

Aria is housebroken and trained to use a doggie door. She does bark, but not excessively. She is crate trained and walks well on a leash. Again, she is an incredibly intelligent dog and eager to please, so she would most likely be very responsive to someone willing to invest the time and effort in working with her on basic commands. We believe that she is highly trainable and would enjoy the stimulation of training or even agility. She is a wonderful dog!

Please feel free to submit your application now if you have an interest to Terry (

Posted September 2019


This is a courtesy post for Bella's current owner or person who found her. She is NOT in the care of AZCR. If you are interested in learning more about her and how to adopt her contact Tammie at

She is a Chihuahua/Terrier mix, 3 years old (Oct 4), up on all vaccinations along with heart worm and flea/tick meds. She is also spayed.

Bella is very loveable and likes to cuddle. She loves to lay outside and sun herself. She loves to crawl under covers or a blanket and sleep. She loves treats and loves to take walks.

This breaks my heart to have to do this but I can’t take the chance of her harming another person or another pet. She has become very aggressive towards our other dogs and will, out of no where, growl or even attack them.

Bella is honestly a very loving and affectionate dog but I think and believe that she needs to be in a home as an only pet with somebody that is going to love and dote on her. She deserves that. I will only let her go to a warm and loving family that has time to spend with her.
Bella weighs 21 lbs.

Please email Tammie ( for information about Bella.

Posted October 2018


Bingo is a fooler! If I didn’t verify his age with our veterinarian, I would swear that this playful and exuberant boy was just a pup. He is actually 9 years young! Bingo came to us via the shelter. He was a stray, but really wants to a homebody and best buddy to some lucky someone. He is a blonde, tall drink of water and weighs about 8 lbs. He is good on leash and enjoys walks. He is also good on couch and enjoys snuggling. Now that he has had his dental, he gives kisses for treats and you don’t have to fear being knocked unconscious by horrid breath! Bingo sleeps in a crate and he is crated when I am away, because he has a very curious nature and likes to get into things that he shouldn’t get into occasionally. He would probably love to cuddle in bed, if allowed to do so. He has been neutered, microchipped, vaccinated and he just had a dental! He is ready for his forever home. His forever home should not include cats and he would do best as an only dog. Wouldn’t you just love to have this friendly fellow by your side for the holidays?

Please feel free to submit your application now if you have an interest to Terry (

Posted December 2019


Ladies and Gentlemen,

Allow me to introduce the artful Dodger. He is a sweet boy, who currently prefers the area underneath the bedroom sofa, to socializing with dogs or people; however, he does venture out, and is currently using the doggy door. He is house trained, has an excellent appetite, and does not suffer fools gladly (this might be why he’s so stand-offish with me 🙄).

Dodger does seem to get along with the dogs here, and there are many, but his two best mates went home last week, so that’s been a bummer for him. He is a bit food aggressive, so I suggest feeding him alone.

All silliness aside, I think Dodger has been through a rough patch prior to coming into rescue care, and needs a quiet setting, and a gentle demeanor to bring him back to his happy place. He’s a scrappy, little survivor, and does not like to be picked up; however, if you can catch him, he is willing to be touched and caressed. I have been letting him do his own thing here, and he’s gotten to the point where he comes out from under the sofa on his own terms. He likes snack time, and will come to the edge of the kitchen, and wait for me to toss him a snack. He goes outside on his own, and periodically comes into the living room to see what’s going on, and if I make eye contact, he high tails it back to the bedroom.

Dodger could be an awesome dog, for the right owner. He’s bright, and self motivated, and gets along well with other dogs. My house is a bit overwhelming for him because there are always people and dogs coming and going. Nonetheless, Dodger is negotiating our chaos like a champ.

Please email Liz ( for information about Dodger.

Posted August 2018


**Dolly is a special needs dog and must be adopted by a behaviorally savvy adopter. Her adopter must agree to sign a bite waiver and be committed to providing her with a safe and structured home. She has a low bite threshold and has snapped at and bitten people when in situations that make her anxious. Her foster states that she is very affectionate and loving once she becomes comfortable and feels safe. Due to her unpredictable behavior, she should be the only pet and in a home with no children. **

Dolly has had a ruff time finding a perfect furever home. She is 9 years old and has been in and out of the shelter several times in the last 4 years. She is your typical chi, loving, needy, friendly lap dog, on her terms! she does not care to be man handled or to have her space invaded. I met her at the shelter and she let me scoop her up and take her for a walk, she loves to go for walks! And boy does she need it, she is VERY over weight! She probably weighs 11 lbs and should weigh 8lbs. She will need someone who understands her quirks and a home with no children or visiting children under the age of 13 to ensure they are old enough to respect her space. Today her new life starts! Also her new diet.

Please email Angela ( for information about Dolly.


This is a courtesy post for Ernie's current owner or person who found him. He is NOT in the care of AZCR. If you are interested in learning more about him and how to adopt him contact Vickie at

This is Ernie. He is 4 1/2 years old and weighs 10 lbs. Yorkie Luv Rescue rescued him a year ago from the West Valley Shelter.

However since they are a yorkie rescue and he is a Chihuahua he hasn't gotten any interest. In the past year in his foster home he is learning to trust people and not be as hand shy. He will snap and growl out of fear during the first introduction. Once he is comfortable with you on his own terms (FYI lots of treats help break the ice) he is very loving and wants to snuggle with you.

Because it is hard for him when he meets people, we currently have him on prozac and he is doing well on it. He gets along with other dogs and cats too. While he is doing great in his foster home, he really needs a quiet home where he is either the only dog or there is another dog his own size. He loves to be outdoors and go on walks and play. He also loves to burrow under a blanket and be left alone. He would make a wonderful companion. He would do best in a home with no young children.

Please email Vicki ( for information about Ernie.

Posted December 2019


Please welcome Gidget to AZCR! She is so friendly and sweet, she gives the sweetest hugs♡. She is great with adults and older children. She is good with our other dogs and enjoys playing and is great at fetch, she knows a few commands too! She walks great on a leash and is a loyal companion. She does have allergies that may be jus seasonal but seem to be controlled with medicine, the cost is under $30 a month. She is 3 years old and 7.5 lbs.

Please email Angela ( for information about Gidget.

Posted May 2019


My name is Jack (Bauer).

I am a healthy 10 year old male, weight 8lbs, neutered, microchipped and up to date on all shots.

I have some fear issues with collars and leashes and may bite if I feel threatened. I would like to have a quiet home with no children or cats.

I love to sit in your lap but will need a loving person that understands my issues.

I came to the rescue because my family was moving and couldn't take me with them.

If you are interested in meeting me, please email Shelley ( for information.


I’m Luna. I am 11 years old and weigh 8 lbs. I adore people, nearly everyone I meet is interesting. Men , women and older children that respect my size are the best!! I prefer people over other dogs but I get along fine with my foster siblings . I was really nervous when I first met the big dogs in my temp home but they don’t bother me and now I’m not afraid.

I like the outdoors if my foster mom is outdoors with me. Sunbathing is an excellent way to spend my morning! I had all my teeth removed recently bc they hurt. I can eat moistened kibble and love it when a little wet canned food is mixed in. 😋. Yes, my tongue does hang out bc it’s always at the ready to give out kisses. I may be in the double digits at this point but I am a young lady at heart. I would like a home where I can be a constant companion to my human. I only want to be near my forever human and show him/her how loyal I am. Two things you should know before thinking about taking me home:
I love to explore, so if there’s an open door I’m going through it! I just can’t help myself . If there’s some one in your home that doesn’t remember to close the front door, I won’t be safe in your home. All these recent transitions in my later life have me a little confused about the best place to potty. I need a human that is going to be patient , consistent and encouraging on this issue. I prefer the outside but have made a few errors in judgement.

I love a soft snuggly blanket in my crate where I sleep at night. I eat my meals in my crate so I don’t have to share. I feel very safe in my crate but like having the door open in case the doorbell rings and I have to go check it out !
My foster mom says she’s really blessed to have me as her first foster dog bc I’m so easy! She calls me pretty girl and Lulu which I love !! I am unusual looking with my white body large black markings and greying face. I have liquid brown eyes that I will use to lure you in.

If you apply, I’ll ask my foster mom to consider you. She says I have to go to a forever home where I will be spoiled daily and made to feel like princess.

Please email Nicole ( for information about Luna.

Posted June 2019


Marmaduke is a 7 year old, slightly pudgy fellow with a rather quirky personality. That being said, I adored him upon first sight and may have to keep him for myself unless I am able to find him the most amazing of homes.

Marm came to us when his owner was no longer able to care for him due to illness. He is considered “special needs”, because he suffers from severe anxiety. What does that mean exactly? Well, he is on some heavy duty anxiety meds, which we will have our veterinarian evaluate. He also has some awkward, jerky movements (reminds me of Joe Cocker) and is a slight bit hesitant and uneasy in social situations with other animals and people. It is odd, because he is an affectionate little guy once he becomes comfortable with you and it’s on his own terms. Overall, he is a reserved little gentleman, who enjoys the occasional pet or bit of attention, appreciates his meals on time and to be let out promptly afterwards, and prefers the comfort of a soft bed in a quiet corner the remainder of the time. In my opinion, he is an easy dog and would be a great constant companion for the right person. He would be around, but not under your feet.

If you are in the market for a low energy dog, Marm may just be your man. He would probably do best as an only dog/pet and in a quiet home without small children. He is housebroken, neutered, up to date on vaccines and microchipped.

Please feel free to submit your application now if you have an interest to Terry (

Posted November 2019


Migi is 10yrs young and an absolute gem of a dog. He was surrendered to the shelter when his owner could no longer care for him. He loves to play with toys and other dogs and loves to cuddle! He is good with big and little dogs, cats and older kids. He loves everyone he meets. This sweet boy is also housebroken. He has the softest fur that you’ll just want to touch all day.

Please email Cindi ( for information on how to adopt Migi.

Posted December 2019


1. Cute
2. Sweet
3. Young
4. Gentle
5. Joyful

Pino is ALL those things and more!! The shelter thought Pino is under a year but his teeth make his foster mom think he’s more like 4/5 yrs old. In any case, he’s quite the charming and sweet little fellow. His favorite past time is being snuggled up under a blanket on his foster parents lap. Currently, Pino has a significant amount of hair loss which is likely due to his previous living conditions and lack of nutrition. His foster mom thinks he will be a lovely blue/grey color with tan markings. His foster mom does believe he will have a full coat as he continues to eat healthy and grow stronger. He may be about 7 lbs when filled out, he is tall & lanky. He is social with both large and small dogs. He would be perfectly happy living with or without fur siblings. He will need an owner that provides consistent potty instruction when he gets his new home. He has done well in his training but it was clearly a change from his previous environment. Pino hopes for a home where he can spend his days and nights beside his human. He gives hugs to anyone that will hold him. Talk gently to this sweet boy, he’s earned your kindness & devotion!

Pino has been neutered and his up to date on his vaccinations.

Please email Nicole ( for information about Pino.

Posted November 2019


**A special needs dog can range anywhere from the elderly or injured in need of daily medication to the disabled requiring special restrictions and to the socially challenged in need of a patient and experienced owner.

The dogs here have a second chance at life because of Arizona Chihuahua Rescue. We believe EVERY dog has an owner out there who will love them, care for them and accept them just the way they are.

Please, when looking at these wonderful dogs, be sure to read their bio in depth to see if you have the time, patience and know-how to take them into your home.**

My name is Poesy. As you can see by my photo, I am a cutie. My ears stand at full attention, my eyes watch everything that goes on, and my body is eager to get going for a day of play (I love toys) and treats (Yeah. I love my treats, too).

You’re probably wondering why I’m in foster care, so let me tell you. A while back, some one, who remains nameless, dumped me and four other friends in the Camp Verde Marshall’s office yard. My current foster mom, Elaine, calls it Doggie Detention. She’s right about that! I’m glad she got me out of that ugly place.

Elaine took me to her home, but she’s not able to keep me forever, cuz she already has a big family of Chis. I know she cares about me and wants a loving family to adopt me. That could be YOU!

I’m only a year old and have lots and lots of energy. Does that mean I’m hyperactive? I don’t know, but hey, take me for a walk, give me some exercise, play with me, give me a few treats and I’m a happy Chi.

I gotta tell you that I’m not a lap dog, and I don’t like being carried around - like that furry kid in Legally Blonde - you get my drift. Of course, I can learn. If you spend some time teaching me good doggy skills and maybe take me to some training classes, I know I will shine. I’m already potty pad trained, will sit next to my human, and snuggle under the covers at night. I can be a little possessive, but between me and you, its because I’m scared.

I know in my heart that there is the perfect home for me. It could be yours. How ‘bout we do a meet and greet. See for yourself. Please, be mine!

Please email Elaine ( for information about Poesy.


Meet Princess, she is 4 years old and 12 lbs. She is timid at first but is a sweet girl who just wants lap time and cuddles. She is more min pin with long legs. We are still getting to know her but if you're interested in meeting her, please contact her foster mom.

Please email Angela ( for information about Princess.

Posted January 2020


Meet Snoopy, he's new to AZCR and we are still getting to know him, he's is a cuddly lap dog and would prefer an adult only home. He's 6yrs old and weighs 5lbs.

Please email Joyce ( for information about Snoopy.

Posted April 2019


Meet Spero! Spero means “I hope” in Italian. This sweet petite girl hopes for a forever home. She is shy at first but warms up and quickly loves her family. We estimate her age at approximately 4 yrs old. She had one eye removed immediately upon coming into AZCR. Her eye had suffered an injury and a severe infection. We don’t know the specifics. She has had at least one litter of puppies. Spero is about 8lbs. She might be a wee bit heavy, she loves to eat and has to be watched so she doesn’t steal a fur siblings meal. She’s done very well with her house training!! She took a liking to using the artificial grass right away. She’s happy to go in a crate with a treat and to sleep at night. We like to nap together and she cuddles up so nice & close. She won’t budge until you do! Spero loves to play with her foster siblings. She wrestles & rough houses and then they nap. She wants to always be near her human and part of the group. Spero let me trim her nails with out issue. She has learned to trust and if you’re meant to be her mom or dad she will trust you too. I’m very proud of this little lady. She’s willing to open her heart to strangers that come in the house.

I have not seen her interact with small children or cats. I suspect she will handle both well as long as she doesn’t feel threatened. She has done exceptional with big dogs and other dogs her size.

As you can see from her pictures she is tri-colored, has the best ears and one pretty bright brown eye! This freckled girl is charming in every way!

If you are interested in meeting me, please email Nicole ( for information.

Posted September 2019


Tessie is a sensational senior senorita, who needs a lucky break. She was fostered by AZCR 9 years ago and went joyfully to her forever home. Unfortunately, her forever home did not last forever. We were contacted by the Apache Junction Shelter on Thanksgiving Eve, informing us that Tessie’s former owner had left her there after 9 years of being a faithful friend. Needless to say, she was quite scared and confused when she arrived back with us. It has taken several days for her to start to trust us, but she is well on her way now. Tessie is a larger chi-mix; probably mixed with pug or another small breed dog. She has a fabulous thick cream colored coat. She is good on leash and she will kennel, but she does absolutely fine out of a kennel. She is a pretty laid back lady, who enjoys lounging and would appreciate a life of leisure for her remaining years. She has been vetted and is ready to go! Would you be willing to open your heart and home to Tessie?

Please feel free to submit your application now if you have an interest to Terry (

Posted December 2019


Please welcome Titan to AZCR we are just getting to know him. He is 10 years old, healthy, 9 lbs and has a beautiful thick fluffy coat. He walks great on a leash, he is a total lap dog and doesn't like to be kenneled, but he is a good boy and doesn't really need to be kenneled. He pees like a girl, so no leg lifting. He is friendly and happy. He would prefer an adult only home with maybe just one other mellow dog around. If he sounds like a great fit, email Angela

Please email Angela ( for information about Titan.

Posted September 2019

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