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We are an all volunteer rescue and we do not have any paid staff. We do not have a shelter as all of our dogs live in foster homes throughout the Valley, Flagstaff and Tucson. If you are interested in any of our fosters, please get in touch with their foster mom. We also have adoption events every weekend in the East and West Valley.

Please be patient with us and we will do our best to answer all e-mails within 48 hours. If you haven't received a response in 48 hours, please feel free to email the website and/or call our hotline number. Thank you.

We only adopt to Arizona residents.

All dogs currently residing in your home must be fixed and up-to-date on all vaccines. AZCR will determine the best home for each dog based on the application process and interview. The application and/or interview does not guarantee an approval. It also does not guarantee the adoption of a particular dog you may be interested in. AZCR may recommend a different dog more suitable to your household. AZCR is a privately run, non-profit organization and reserves the right to refuse any adoption that is not in the best interest of the dog based on our policies and standards.


Please welcome Blanche to the rescue! She is 4.2 pounds of pure love! She loves to be held and objects when you put her down. She is estimated at 6 years old. She is currently being treated for a leg injury and heart murmur. She is currently on 3-month kennel rest for her leg injury.

Please email Beth ( for information about Blanche.

Posted August 2020


Coco and China are a bonded pair of girls 4&5 years old, and 7 and 8lbs who must be adopted together.

China is the mostly white girl and although shy she warms and is very much a lap dog, her little partner Coco had never had much human contact until she came to foster care, and although she is a very happy girl, loves blankets and her dog bed, she will need a special adopter that understands her shyness.
Both girls are potty trained for outside and on puppy pad, love going for walks playing with toys and get along well with other dogs and cats.

They do not do well with children.

Contact their foster mom Elizabeth at

Please email Elizabeth ( for information about Coco and China.

Posted May 2020


Hi, I’m Cookie. I didn’t have a name, but the first thing I ate at my foster mom’s house was her biscotti. I just had surgery on my dislocated hip, so it will still be a few weeks before I’m ready to be adopted. In the meantime, my foster mom gives me an A+ for being a lap dog. I do get along with my foster siblings (big and little dogs) but I also like my own space and if I want to be alone, I appropriately let them know. I like to go for walks and I walk nicely on a leash. I occasionally like to stop and have you tell me how pretty I am and give me a scratch before we move on. I have seen kitties on my walks and I don’t seem interested in them. However, I would really like to get the guinea pigs, so it would probably be best if I found a house with no small pets, or keep me separate from them. I’m also housebroken and know how to use a dog door. I look forward to having a meet and greet with you in a few weeks!

Please email Rebecca ( for information about Cookie.

Posted July 2020


Ladies and Gentlemen,

Allow me to introduce the artful Dodger. He is a sweet boy, who currently prefers the area underneath the bedroom sofa, to socializing with dogs or people; however, he does venture out, and is currently using the doggy door. He is house trained, has an excellent appetite, and does not suffer fools gladly (this might be why he’s so stand-offish with me 🙄).

Dodger does seem to get along with the dogs here, and there are many, but his two best mates went home last week, so that’s been a bummer for him. He is a bit food aggressive, so I suggest feeding him alone.

All silliness aside, I think Dodger has been through a rough patch prior to coming into rescue care, and needs a quiet setting, and a gentle demeanor to bring him back to his happy place. He’s a scrappy, little survivor, and does not like to be picked up; however, if you can catch him, he is willing to be touched and caressed. I have been letting him do his own thing here, and he’s gotten to the point where he comes out from under the sofa on his own terms. He likes snack time, and will come to the edge of the kitchen, and wait for me to toss him a snack. He goes outside on his own, and periodically comes into the living room to see what’s going on, and if I make eye contact, he high tails it back to the bedroom.

Dodger could be an awesome dog, for the right owner. He’s bright, and self motivated, and gets along well with other dogs. My house is a bit overwhelming for him because there are always people and dogs coming and going. Nonetheless, Dodger is negotiating our chaos like a champ.

Please email Liz ( for information about Dodger.

Posted August 2018


**Dolly is a special needs dog and must be adopted by a behaviorally savvy adopter. Her adopter must agree to sign a bite waiver and be committed to providing her with a safe and structured home. She has a low bite threshold and has snapped at and bitten people when in situations that make her anxious. Her foster states that she is very affectionate and loving once she becomes comfortable and feels safe. Due to her unpredictable behavior, she should be the only pet and in a home with no children. **

Dolly has had a ruff time finding a perfect furever home. She is 9 years old and has been in and out of the shelter several times in the last 4 years. She is your typical chi, loving, needy, friendly lap dog, on her terms! she does not care to be man handled or to have her space invaded. I met her at the shelter and she let me scoop her up and take her for a walk, she loves to go for walks! And boy does she need it, she is VERY over weight! She probably weighs 11 lbs and should weigh 8lbs. She will need someone who understands her quirks and a home with no children or visiting children under the age of 13 to ensure they are old enough to respect her space. Today her new life starts! Also her new diet.

Please email Angela ( for information about Dolly.


My name is Jack (Bauer).

I am a healthy 10 year old male, weight 8lbs, neutered, microchipped and up to date on all shots.

I have some fear issues with collars and leashes and may bite if I feel threatened. I would like to have a quiet home with no children or cats.

I love to sit in your lap but will need a loving person that understands my issues.

I came to the rescue because my family was moving and couldn't take me with them.

If you are interested in meeting me, please email Shelley ( for information.


Please welcome Lucky to AZCR! The vet says he is a 12 week old puppy, which is obvious by his non stop antics. As you can see his eyes are a little crossed. It's called lateral stabismus, the vet said he can see fine, he does have a large head so they are concerned it's being caused by hydrocephalus. He is the sweetest guy, he is currently on medical hold while we have him evaluated. But I already know, whoever adopts him will be LUCKY!

Please email Angela ( for information about Lucky.

Posted February 2019


This pretty girl is Penny. She is a shy girl who isn’t quite sure of her surroundings but is getting more adventurous. Penny feels most comfortable in a kennel right now but has been leaving it to explore. Penny wags her tail and looks like she wants to be pet but just isn’t sure. She is friendly with us when we do pet her and she gets along with my other dogs. We will be working on gaining her trust and making her feel at home. She will hopefully be ready to be adopted soon. Stay tuned for more.

Please email Cassie ( for information about Penny.

Posted August 2020


Mary is the smaller and darker of the two girls. She weighs approximately 5lbs and is very sweet. She is likely around a 1.5 -2 yrs old. She is still nervous about being picked up but once she is held she relaxes for kisses and sweet nothings. She’s likes to play and often chatters with her sister Sarah. The two of them sound like chipmunks/mini Chewbaccas .

Sarah is the most cautious of the three. She doesn’t mind being held and loved on but doesn’t volunteer for a pick up. She is light in color and also approximately 1.5-2 yrs old. She weighs about 6/7 lbs. She is also very sweet and the ultimate sunbather.
All three are available for adoption together or separately. All three have done very well with potty training. I think that because they lived outside , they simply prefer to “go” outside.

Adopters should expect accidents due to new environments and life changes. I do not know if they have experience with doggy doors, I really doubt the younger ones have been exposed to them.
The two younger girls will need a home where the owner is patient and willing to let the girls come to them. I don’t know how they are with children or cats. They are very amenable and not aggressive so I can only speculate they will do fine with both.

If you are interested in finding out more, please fill out an application on our website. The application is not a commitment, simply a information gathering tool. Click Here for the application.

Posted July 2020


Meet Sassy. This girl is approximately 7 years old and weighs about 11 lbs. She is a very sweet girl who loves to be with her person and also has a crazy site when she is excited. She loves to give kisses and loves attention. She is housebroken and crate trained and just had a dental.

If you are interested in meeting me, please email Cindi (cflass@hotmail) for information.


Meet Snoopy, he's new to AZCR and we are still getting to know him, he's is a cuddly lap dog and would prefer an adult only home. He's 6yrs old and weighs 5lbs.

Please email Joyce ( for information about Snoopy.

Posted April 2019


Hi we are The Crumbs! Our mom is Cookie, she is also available for adoption through AZCR! There are six of us, but onky 3 of us are still looking for a home Teddy, boy and Twinkie, and Hopper girls.

We were born in the early morning hours of July 28th . Our mom came to the shelter as a stray with puncture wounds and a dislocated hip. AZCR fixed her hip and while she was healing up surprise! They found out she was pregnant with us. We don’t know how big our dad was, so we don’t know how big or what breeds we are.

They think our mom is terrier, dachshund, and Chihuahua and weighs 12 pounds. We will all be at least as big as she is and maybe bigger. We love our foster aunts and uncles both big and small and foster mom has been working with us to go potty outside.

After all of our shots and being spayed or neutered we will be ready to go to our new homes the week of November 14th. If you are interested in adopting one of us please complete an application available on the AZCR website and email it to our foster mom.

Please email Foster Mom ( for information about The Crumbs.

Posted October 2020


**Tony is a special needs dog and must be adopted by a behaviorally savvy adopter. His adopter must agree to sign a bite waiver and be committed to providing him with a safe and structured home. He has a low bite threshold and has snapped at and bitten people when in situations that make him anxious. Due to his unpredictable behavior, he should be the only pet and in a home with no children. **

This is Tony. He is 8 yrs old, recently neutered and was surrendered by his people on July 13th 2020. Somebody loved him I think, enough to surrender him. He arrived in Tucson on July 24th and is staying with H and I for some rehab.

He was never leash trained and may have to wear a harness, modified a bit so he can't slip it, because he has a little cough that may indicate a tracheal problem. He is great with the other dogs so far.

With people he is a fighter and a biter if pushed. Probably mostly to lack of handling and the most basic of training. So a bit of a bully who needs to be pushed out of his comfort zone a little bit at a time, every day, all day long.

He is the fastest sitter I've ever seen if you have something he wants. It's hilarious.

He wants to be with people, counts on people, will get on our lap, and always comes when called when we are outside.
Please email Allison ( for information about Rosie.

Posted August 2020

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