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Chihuahuas in Need

The dogs on this page have come into our rescue requiring care beyond our typical medical expenses of spaying/neutering/vaccinations and, often times, dental work.

Our rescue tries to respond quickly to the sick and injured and we don't wait for pledges when a dog is hurting. Please, if you are able to assist us with any of the dogs featured below with their medical expenses, you can make a tax deductible donation by either:

Clicking the Paypal button below. Paypal accepts credit cards, debit cards, and donations from your bank account.

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You can mail a check to:

PO Box 52713
Mesa, AZ 85208

AZ Chihuahua Rescue and the chihuahuas we care for thank you from the bottom of our hearts!!!
**Please be aware that some of the pictures below may be too graphic for some**


Zak is a 3yr old Chi-Doxie mix. He came to us from the pound, skinny as could be, destined for euthanasia. We don't know his back story beyond this. But after taking him in we discovered he has a problem with his liver which causes neurological issues as his liver cannot process out the chemicals that proteins produce. He is on a strict diet and will have to have more testing and possibly surgery to see if his issues can be corrected. Based on what we can see he is a sweet little guy, uses the dog door, housetrained, loves kids and is good with other dogs. Due to his illness, we cannot give an accurate, 100% bio on him. We will not know his true colors until diagnosis/surgery is done. He does have the cutest overbite which adds to his charm!

Please email Michelle ( for information on how Zak is doing.

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