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Chihuahuas in Need

The dogs on this page have come into our rescue requiring care beyond our typical medical expenses of spaying/neutering/vaccinations and, often times, dental work.

Our rescue tries to respond quickly to the sick and injured and we don't wait for pledges when a dog is hurting. Please, if you are able to assist us with any of the dogs featured below with their medical expenses, you can make a tax deductible donation by either:

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**Please be aware that some of the pictures below may be too graphic for some**


I’m about 10 years old, weigh 6 pounds, and don’t have any teeth. I came from a Meth house with several other dogs, none of us were being taken care of, so you eat what you can find. I originally had five rocks in my stomach and a cough. After several rounds of antibiotics and steroids for my cough, I still have a slight cough. The vet says my heart, lungs, and trachea all look good on the X-ray and my bloodwork is nearly perfect. The vet has also ruled out an enlarged heart, and any icky lung stuff, along with a collapsed trachea, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have a “soft” collapse where the muscle in my trachea relaxes, but not the cartilage and it irritates the throat. I still have a cough, but usually just when I get excited about something. I also had surgery for the rocks in her tummy, then promptly ate another one three days later.

My former life is going to be hard to forget. I have some habits from that life, like eating rocks, being protective of my food, and trying to eat other dog’s food. I tolerate my foster brothers and sisters both big and small as long as they give me my space. If they get too close, I appropriately “yell” at them and tell them to back off. Even with all of that, the first thing I did when foster mom picked me up was give her a kiss. I love to be held, have cuddles on foster mom’s lap, and snuggles under the covers at night. Even with all I have been through, I'm still a very spirited little girl and love to run around the yard.

Foster mom told me she will be picky when finding my home because I deserve to be spoiled forever. She wants to find me the exact right forever home for me!

Please email Angela ( for information about Emily.

Posted October 2020

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