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These are our sanctuary dogs. We have made a commitment to them to care for and give them a quality lifestyle for their remaining days. They reside with us in our homes receiving love, care and medical attention when appropriate.
They are considered 'sanctuary' dogs due to health, emotional and/or age issues. They are dogs who could in fact be adopted by a committed, realistic and willing adopter. If you think you may be one of those very special people who has room in their hearts for one of these very special dogs please contact us either by telephone @480-844-2447 or by email at the link provided on our contact page.


If your situation is such that you cannot provide a home for one of these little dogs but wish to assist in their care why not become one of our Sanctuary Angels. For those 'angels' who wish to donate to the continuing care of the dogs on this page there are two easy ways to do so:

Write a check payable to Arizona Chihuahua Rescue and mail to PO Box 52713, Mesa, AZ 85208. Please indicate on memo line that your donation is for a Sanctuary dog.


Go to the Paypal link and indicate in the description field that your donation is for a Sanctuary dog.

Make payments with PayPal - it's fast, free and secure!

We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit so your donation should be tax deductible.

Thank you on behalf of the four legged 'kids' in our care.


Please welcome Barney to AZCR!

Barney is an approximately 13 year old guy who was found as a stray in the Phoenix area & brought to
Animal Control by a good human.

Barney has VERY BAD patellas (knees) and although the veterinarian says they do not cause him pain, nor does he need surgery. That could change in time,
He does have a strange forward mobility he is VERY bowlegged and his back feet actually
turn in when he moves. He walks at an extreme angle but he does get around OK, just slow, he is not too steady on those back legs, even the 4 pounders in the house can accidentally knock him over, so a home with a either no other dogs, or another senior to nap the day away with would be perfect. He weighs in at just under 6 pounds & should not be any heavier due to his
knees & their issues.

Barney LOVES to give kisses and rub against your face and hair, but ONLY at his level, so please get
down on all-fours if you can! If you try and hold him or pick him up, he completely stiffens up and freezes.....he will
also start to whimper so it's best he stays on the floor. We have tried to mix him into our evening "sofa/TV time" but
he really wants no part of it. I really think he just likes his doggie bed, and being able to see all the
action safely.

Barney does do well with the pack he lives
with now & does not start any fights nor defend himself if nipped at - he really is non-confrontational.
Barney is trained on a potty pad since we have multiple steps and he cannot maneuver those or a
doggy door. We have tried to take him outdoors for pottying but he really just seems lost & confused, sadly.
I suspect he may have been indoors with someone his whole life or maybe just used for breeding -
there is evidence of a collar rub on his neck where the hair has not grown back so at one point, maybe someone
cared for him??
Barney has NO teeth as his mouth was rotten & infected when he was found. He enjoys eating and does great on soft food AND kibble, too.
He is a happy boy.
I can certainly answer any other questions you may have on him so please let me know. Thank you!

P.S. Barney is neutered, microchipped & up to date on all his vaccines.

Please email
for information on how to adopt Barney.

Posted August 2018


Terri came to the rescue in 2014, she was so scared and afraid of us people that she would poop herself if you tried to approach or hold her. Once she came to live with us, we called her our "behind the couch dog" because she hid most of the time.

She has been in our home for a few years now, and she is still not able to be held. She enjoys hanging and playing with the other dogs. The vet said she likely had no people interaction when it was important time in her life to be with people. She still prefers you step away from the door when you open it so she can pass safely, if you start walking toward her she is alert and will take off the other way.

She understands dogs and when the dogs come near us, she ventures a try, she does not like to be approached but if she is sitting nearby you can reach over and pet her, with one hand! This is a huge progress for her, she has even shown herself when visitors are over. She will probably never allow us to handle her or take her out on a walk, but she loves her time on the couch, I think she loves us in her own way and the dogs are definitely her friends and make her feel safe.

Terri is not available for adoption at this time.

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