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These are our sanctuary dogs. We have made a commitment to them to care for and give them a quality lifestyle for their remaining days. They reside with us in our homes receiving love, care and medical attention when appropriate.
They are considered 'sanctuary' dogs due to health, emotional and/or age issues. They are dogs who could in fact be adopted by a committed, realistic and willing adopter. If you think you may be one of those very special people who has room in their hearts for one of these very special dogs please contact us either by telephone @480-844-2447 or by email at the link provided on our contact page.


If your situation is such that you cannot provide a home for one of these little dogs but wish to assist in their care why not become one of our Sanctuary Angels. For those 'angels' who wish to donate to the continuing care of the dogs on this page there are two easy ways to do so:

Write a check payable to Arizona Chihuahua Rescue and mail to PO Box 52713, Mesa, AZ 85208. Please indicate on memo line that your donation is for a Sanctuary dog.


Go to the Paypal link and indicate in the description field that your donation is for a Sanctuary dog.

Make payments with PayPal - it's fast, free and secure!

We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit so your donation should be tax deductible.

Thank you on behalf of the four legged 'kids' in our care.


Please welcome Barney to AZCR!

Barney is an approximately 13 year old guy who was found as a stray in the Phoenix area & brought to
Animal Control by a good human.

Barney has VERY BAD patellas (knees) and although the veterinarian says they do not cause him pain, nor does he need surgery. That could change in time,
He does have a strange forward mobility he is VERY bowlegged and his back feet actually
turn in when he moves. He walks at an extreme angle but he does get around OK, just slow, he is not too steady on those back legs, even the 4 pounders in the house can accidentally knock him over, so a home with a either no other dogs, or another senior to nap the day away with would be perfect. He weighs in at just under 6 pounds & should not be any heavier due to his
knees & their issues.

Barney LOVES to give kisses and rub against your face and hair, but ONLY at his level, so please get
down on all-fours if you can! If you try and hold him or pick him up, he completely stiffens up and freezes.....he will
also start to whimper so it's best he stays on the floor. We have tried to mix him into our evening "sofa/TV time" but
he really wants no part of it. I really think he just likes his doggie bed, and being able to see all the
action safely.

Barney does do well with the pack he lives
with now & does not start any fights nor defend himself if nipped at - he really is non-confrontational.
Barney is trained on a potty pad since we have multiple steps and he cannot maneuver those or a
doggy door. We have tried to take him outdoors for pottying but he really just seems lost & confused, sadly.
I suspect he may have been indoors with someone his whole life or maybe just used for breeding -
there is evidence of a collar rub on his neck where the hair has not grown back so at one point, maybe someone
cared for him??
Barney has NO teeth as his mouth was rotten & infected when he was found. He enjoys eating and does great on soft food AND kibble, too.
He is a happy boy.
I can certainly answer any other questions you may have on him so please let me know. Thank you!

P.S. Barney is neutered, microchipped & up to date on all his vaccines.

Please email
for information on how to adopt Barney.

Posted August 2018

Chachi aka Julie

Chachi was rescued from Yuma and is approx. 2 years old. She is a shy girl and can be very skittish.

Th little girl is not adoptable as she has a long history of biting and has health issues.



My name is Peanut, the not too little Chi. I’m a 15 year old lady, born on May 2, 2002.

Yep, I’m a bit on the chunky side at 10 pounds. It happens sometimes, when we get old. We gain weight! Also, I REALLY like food! I have a mild heart murmur but don’t take any medicines. If you help me keep my teeth clean and my weight down, all will be well.

I get along with everyone, including kids. Don’t know about the cats. Don’t live with any. I love car rides, I sleep with my humans, am potty trained, use a doggy door and the steps to get into bed. I’m not crate trained, but hey I’m a senior. I sleep a lot and don’t get into trouble. I do have a little quirk about being picked up. I’m not crazy about it and I might snap. Give me a few weeks to warm up and I will be happy to accept belly rubs and back scratches.

My owners surrendered me after I lived with them for ten years. You know why - because my mom got a new husband and a baby. I didn’t fit in their world anymore. Maybe I could fit in yours. I’d love a quiet home where there might be another senior dog or two. I want so much to belong to a new loving family. Maybe we could meet and see what happens.

Please email Sharon ( for information on how to adopt Peanut.


Hello, my name is Spicy and I am a brindle smooth coat chi-weenie.

I was born 3/1/2008 per my owner who had to surrender me to AZCR. I need a home with NO children under the age of 12. I would like to be the only dog as I can be a dominant female. I like to go for walks and ride in the car. I like going to Petsmart type stores that are doggie friendly but, I am not great with folks coming up to pet me and strange dogs upset me.

I would do wonderful in a home with a women or senior couple. I like my crate as my inside doggie house. I do not get on the furniture. I do use the doggie door.

I was attacked by a big dog and was hurt. My previous mom was hurt as well by the big dog. I am located up north in the Verde Valley.

Please email Cho ( for information on how to adopt Spicy.


Hi! My name is Terri.

I was born in November 2014. I’m a big girl, weighing in at 10 pounds. I ‘m not saying for sure, but I think I’m one of those mixed breeds - maybe a little Fox TERRIer with some Chi. Get ti?

My foster parents call me “The dog behind the couch”. Here’s the scoop: I came in from the county - scared, super scared. Humans made me nervous. They still do, but I’m working on getting rid of those fears. My foster parents believe that I will fall in line eventually, since I sit on the couch and take treats from their hands.

I used to be so scared when picked up, I would defecate, but now if you can catch me, I’ll let you hold me.
I love playing with other puppies in the house and I am very potty trained, I do not potty in the house, but someone needs to open the door for me. I don’t know how to use a doggy door or a crate. As for the leash. Don’t even try it. Not yet. I’ll need to get braver and feel more trust in humans before that happens.

One thing I love is food. Even though I’m still scared, I don’t miss a meal. I know when it’s time to eat, and I magically appear at my dish. When its night time and all the others have chosen their places of sleep, I saunter off to my bed behind the couch.

I hope I haven’t scared you. Yeah, I’m a challenge, but I’m a worthy one. If you understand dog behavior and don’t mind that I have fears, we could become a team. You could work with me and help me increase my confidence. I’d be ever so thankful, and you’d be proud of your new furry kid!

Terri is up to date on all her vaccines, microchipped and spayed.

Please email Angela ( for information about Terri.

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